Our philosophy


Supply the world with meat and meat products, developing competitive solutions that unify and enhance our company; working on continuous improvement programs in Production, Food Safety, Quality, Innovation, Infrastructure, Technology, Sustainability, Animal Welfare, Quality and Occupational Safety, Training and Professionalization of Human Capital.




Satisfy the most demanding customers by offering them high-quality products tailored to their preferences based on the pillars of innovation and combativeness. Committed to the generation of value and long-term future for customers, suppliers, and employees.


Focusing on the values that have shaped our identity in order to look to the future with a guarantee. Excellence, Effort, Passion, Hard work, Commitment, Integrity, Common sense.

We are aware of the responsibility of working in a food production company and each one of us strives for excellence in every task.

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Carcarañá - Official N°Establishment 4565

Av. Argentina 823, Carcaraña

Tel.: 03464-422650

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Carcarañá II - Official N° Establishment 89

RN Nº9, km 354, Carcaraña

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Villa Gdor. Gálvez - Official N° Establishment 1983

Av. Filippini 1290, Villa Gobernador Galvez

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Casilda - Official N° Establishment 2620

RP Nº33 km 740 , Casilda

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Arroyo Seco - Official N° Establishment 2078

Pavón 1631, Arroyo Seco

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